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The stars have aligned this week for us to pair #hotbreakfastmonth with another titan of the kitchen... #pizzaday.

When thought of as a breakfast dish, it's typically a couple of leftover pizza slices either cold or reheated as a quick way to start the day. There's nothing wrong with that in our books, yet there's another way to enjoy pizza for breakfast. In our time at The Perfect Bite Eatery at the corner of the 503 & 507, we had taken a risk by turning our diner experience into more of a pizzeria and it showed quick success even if we had to close due to circumstances beyond our control.

In embracing where we were coming from on the road to where we were headed we opted to include a breakfast pizza on the menu that gained a quick following from local residents and cottagers alike. Weekend after weekend, we'd have more faithful followers boating over to gleefully bring home 3, 4 or more breakfast pizzas. And who could blame them with a breakfast experience this enticing?

Tara's Breakfast Pizza

Your choice of Pizza Crust/dough (Tara's bread recipe coming soon) Bacon




Grape Tomatoes


Red onion

Green onion



Italian Seasoning

Ingredient amounts will vary based on the size, quantity and amount of toppings you prefer to enjoy.

Start by preparing your toppings to suit, cooking the Sausage, Bacon and scrambled eggs, chopping the veggies grating the cheese and melting the butter.

Once your crust/dough is ready to be used melt approximately 2 tbsp of butter mix in a small pinch of salt and about 1 tsp of Italian seasoning.

Lightly brush the top of the dough with the butter and seasoning mixture, lighter is better as there will be plenty of added grease from your bacon and sausage.

Once you've sauced it add your toppings to suit. Our preference is to scramble the eggs and top it right away, but you can crack 2 or 3 on top halfway through cooking if you'd like a yolkier experience.

Once it's finished Bon Appetite! We reserve our green onions for a garnish at the end for an extra fresh bite.

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