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Just keep swimming...

We made plans, and God laughed.

In the new year, we began planning for what we were sure would be a "successful" summer. We thought we had set out on a path to accelerate our growth and provide an increased quality of client care this year into the years to come.

However, reality hit hard this spring when Selah arrived, and the time allocated for our business development became focused on our recovery journey as that became more challenging than anticipated.

We paused our expansion aspirations for a few months longer as we forged a path towards our new normal. It may have been disheartening, but we were not defeated.

When needed, it's OK to slow down and reassess. This summer was precisely that opportunity in our lives, whether we wanted it or not.

It was a blessing in disguise for us to slow down and refocus our ambition one more time as we transitioned our life's work from being a pair of work-till-we-drop entrepreneurs into being new parents with a business.

"It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop." – Confucius

Just because life changes doesn't mean it has to stop, quite the opposite.

The best changes in life typically are ones that make you reassess your purpose and your values. From new career opportunities to family changes, each moment can be a time to slow down, examine the journey you're on and the path forward to becoming a better person.

Although we're just getting our shovels in the ground on some of the spring projects we'd planned to enhance our capabilities, this summer persuaded us to refocus our ambitions to integrate a more measured approach to our work-life balance.

Because it doesn't matter how slowly we go, so long as we don't stop.

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