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Stop pouring from empty cups

Being parents, property and business owners and service providers give us an abundance of opportunities to pour ourselves out for others; our family, friends, employees and clients, and the readers of this blog when the seasons permit.

And that's who we want to be. We want to live a life in service to those around us, freely pouring out the blessings we receive.

We can only continue pouring ourselves out for others if we don't burn out.

We've mused before on Self-care and the yin & yang of yes & no. And while we touched on the importance of both as a means to prevent pouring oneself dry, it goes beyond simply choosing where we're focusing on pouring out our energy. Now it's about realizing the importance of seeking opportunities to fill our cups.

Because even saying yes to the best self-care opportunity isn't enough when we're continuously pouring faster than we're allowing ourselves to be filled.

So we invite you this summer to join us as we recalibrate our journey. We never gave up on the path we set out on from March 2020 to share our thoughts and experiences as a means of inspiration on:

  • self-care/relationship-care & improvement

  • keeping focused on what motivates & inspires

  • learning, exploring, and playing around with food & drink

  • being mindful and engaged with our county and community

We just went through a season where the demands on us grew more than expected, so rather than throw in the towel, we've chosen to adjust and fine-tune our approach:

  • By striving to enjoy each day regardless of the tasks at hand

  • By embracing the little joys we find each day and celebrating everything good thing from the simplest of meals to the beautiful scenery of our world.

  • And ultimately, by being true to ourselves and continuing to share the blessings we receive because just as giving too much can burn us out, not taking the opportunity to give back can build up walls that cut us off in a similar way

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