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Our luxury cleaning services can help you transform your home or cottage property into a personal retreat. 

How can we help?

With general upkeep on daily living, seasonal & special occasion deep cleaning and much more.


We help make it easy to keep your property cleaning needs under control inside and out.

The following cleaning tasks describe many of the services our team offers. If you have something else in mind, please discuss it with us.


A silhouette of a mop and a broom standing up slightly crossed over one another.


Life is busy, and time is valuable.

Routine general cleaning services help maintain a safe and healthy environment to enjoy your property

Schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services for best results, and we can review and adjust with the seasons.


Areas of focus for a general clean service may include:

  • kitchens & bathrooms

  • table & counter tidying

  • general surface dusting

  • obvious garbage collection

  • sweeping, vacuuming & mopping

  • and more


Consider Your Priorities

Some of our clients want little more than a quick general clean between the departure and arrival of different friends.

Others have tasked us with top-to-bottom end-to-end deep cleaning, calling for our team to spend the better part of a week on the same property.

Our services are rarely standard.

Your family is irreplaceable.
Your property is extraordinary.
You deserve a service plan tailored to your priorities.


What frequency of cleaning services would best serve your property care needs?

How deep should we get?

Should our cleaning services stick to the surface level, or should your routine cleaning go deeper, like into drawers, cupboards, small appliances, etc.? 

Budget or Result

We strive to provide a consistent outcome, but factors might change from visit to visit. Does budget or result take priority?

Who's our point person?

While we love to make everyone happy, we can only set up one primary contact. To whom will we send our standard messaging regarding your property? 

We're happy to help you evaluate and reevaluate

the priorities of your service portfolio as seasons of life change.

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