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Kacaba Cottage Care

Who We Are





The vision of Kacaba Cottage Care is to   build an organization that is integrated into the local community as honorable service providers and respected employers  

Forest Road


The mission of Kacaba Cottage Care is to be trusted for the most comprehensive cottage care services in the Haliburton County, Kawartha Lakes and beyond - making cottage life simpler.



We believe in complete integrity in all interactions with clients, contractors, and suppliers. There is never a wrong time to do what is right.


We are a family and we seek to be responsible members of the local community by empowering our staff, contractors, and customers to give back.


We take pride in ensuring professional quality of workmanship, tools, and materials. We set our standards high and strive to achieve them. 


We recognize there will always be a better way, and we will empower and embrace ingenuity to seek creative solutions for the future.

  • How do you pronounce Kacaba?
    Our family name is less conventional and requires some instruction to pronounce correctly. We've heard everything from Ka-Ka-Bah to Koh-Bah-Sah. And when we hear hello, Mr. or Mrs. Kiel-Bah-Sah, we know it's a hungry telemarketer on the line thinking about it being close to lunchtime. The proper pronunciation of our name, Kacaba, is Ka-Sah-Ba. The reality is we're used to it, and we won't get offended if you get it mixed up.
  • What are our service hours?
    Our typical hours of operations are Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. To ensure our clients have access to the services they need our team is willing to provide services on evenings weekends and holidays. However, these bookings come at a special rate and are typically reserved for clients who engage with our services in an ongoing nature.
  • What areas does Kacaba Cottage Care serve?
    Haliburton County and beyond is a large service area, and we're proud to service most of it daily. Our general service routes typically cover Haliburton Gooderham Eagle Lake West Guilford Ingolsby Carnarvon Minden Norland Kinmount And of course our little home of Irondale We're also beginning to enter Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon areas more due to recent requests. And the more extensive the service, the farther we can travel to help. If you need a spring or fall deep clean or a deep cleaning pre- or post-a significant event, our team is more than happy to support your property if you're towards the outer edges or beyond our general service area. If you're unsure if our services cover your area, please ask. We're always considering the next routes we'll need to add, and the more interest we see developing in a particular direction, the more likely we'll grow in that direction next.
  • Do we clean homes too or just cottages?
    Yes! We provide residential cleaning services. We call it cottage care because the properties in cottage county require a unique level of care. The properties under our care include homes, cottages, churches and resorts.
  • Do we clean...?
    Yes. For the most part, if our tools can do the job and our team has the ability, we will clean it. From garages and sheds to windows and BBQs, there are many areas we can help that we might not have listed. Our team can clean up your exterior furniture, toys and tools for storage or as they come out for the season. And if it's beyond the scope of our capabilities, we can also work with local marinas and small engine technicians to take the burden off your shoulders.
  • How much do our cleaning services cost?
    Since the properties and needs of families throughout Cottage County all need special attention, we don't have a set price per property or square foot as we find it more productive to build a relationship around your service needs. Unless you're seeking a one-time clean, we'll arrange an obligation-free site visit to discuss the needs of your property and family before providing a low-high estimate for services delivered on an ongoing basis. Due to the distances between services in the county, our minimum for cleaning services is $230 for four cleaning hours, and each labour hour beyond this time is $45/hour + HST. Our team comes equipped with the tools and solutions needed to accomplish most deep and general cleaning tasks, but we will use supplied cleaners if there are specific solutions you prefer to have used anywhere on your property.


We started as a hardworking and dedicated pair of newlyweds seeking to put down roots and buy a place to call home for our family; and now we've grown by adding amazingly passionate individuals who proudly  continue to make life easier in our community.

Each member of our team carries their own reasons, passions and goals. Yet to be a part of our team they also commit to putting their differences aside and learn to make sure we deliver quality results that are greater than the mere sum of our parts.

Tara Lynn Kacaba

Owner and Cleaning Coach

Mother • Chef • Tenacious & Creative

Emma J.

Independant Cleaner

Student • Artist • Reserved & Focused

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Dustin Kacaba

Manager and Maint. Lead

Father • Creator • Driven & Dedicated

Tiffany H.

Independant Cleaner

Mother • CKC Breeder • Quick-Witted & Caring


are you our missing piece?


We're always working towards growing our team.

If you're seeking a career with opportunities to grow and learn new skills while exploring the beautiful highlands then we want to hear from you.

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