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Kacaba CottageCare

“Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.”

At Kacaba Cottage Care, we're here to make life easier for those around us.


And as the demand for our services has grown, we recognize not everyone can afford our support.


Due to our limited resources, we obviously can't help everyone, but we want to help those we can.

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult chapter in life, please reach out to us through the form below, and we'd be happy to discuss how we can help.

Each need is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

With low to no-cost single services and discounted short-term service plans, we want to ensure our community receives the care needed to thrive. 

From overwhelming emotional and mental stress to physical limitations brought on by injury, illness or age, our desire for KCC Helps is to meet in the struggle and support how we can with with our current service offering at adjusted rates.

All submissions receive the utmost care and compassion. Our heart is to help those going through tough times, so even if we can't help, the information you share stays safe with us.

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Three women picking trash at a river bank
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Who Can We Help?

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