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Should You Hire a Cleaner or a Professional Cleaning Service in Haliburton County?

In Haliburton County, we're blessed to be surrounded by a beautiful land filled with options for everyone. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking to ride the trails, a tired soul looking for a calm meditative walk by a river's edge or just want a day by the lake, you're covered. And much like you have options for your self-care, there are options for your property care as well. Since the work keeps growing, there are a variety of service providers across the county to accomplish the sort of home and property maintenance tasks that arise.

From electricians and plumbers to gardeners, landscapers and cleaning services, skilled hands run the gambit across Haliburton County.

But sometimes, too many choices can feel overwhelming.

And when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, like deciding between a cleaner or a professional cleaning service, what's the difference?

Should you hire a cleaner or a professional cleaning service?

What's the difference between hiring a cleaner and a cleaning service?

We won't hide it; price points can often differ significantly.

It does cost more on average to hire a professional cleaning service over opting to recruit an individual cleaner for your needs, but when you pick the right professionals, you get what you pay for and then some.

Here are a few reasons it pays to hire a service like ours.

Training & Accountability

Our team dynamic has learning opportunities and accountability integrated into our systems.

Each team member is given an environment to learn and grow at their own pace, and we focus on providing constructive feedback and coaching opportunities to our crews. With team meetings through the seasons and regular one-on-one feedback, we ensure our team knows what's going right and wrong in the field.

And with individualized and group responsibilities, our crew takes accountability from top to bottom to ensure we're striving to deliver a job well done, even when that means taking steps to make it right if we stumble.

Reliability & Consistency

Every member of our team is essential, but every one of them is also human. However, that's no excuse for our team's inability to deliver reliable and consistent services.

From time to time, our timeline for delivery might need to be adjusted. Still, we see providing services on the day agreed upon and up to brand standard as the most critical parts of our long-term success.

To do this, we have proficiencies we train all of our crew members on, which cover the various items they will clean, the process, tools, solutions, techniques and the best practices.

We incorporate these into customizable and repeatable job forms our team can access for every service.

This way, no matter which of our teams arrives to deliver your service, you can expect the same standard of care in each visit. Because while we strive to have the same crew return for each visit, sometimes life gets in the way.

Peace of Mind & Security

Since we invest so much into our team, we also invest in the process we follow before bringing them on board.

All of our crew leads and trusted independents provide us with an updated criminal reference check before receiving access information necessary to enter the properties assigned to them.

Further, you can verify who we've scheduled to arrive in real-time thanks to the Client Hub; whether you're on-site or checking the camera, you can verify who has been planned for that day. Please note that assigned crew members may need to be adjusted between the booking and service dates due to various factors that can impact our scheduling.

Finally, all our crew are taught to leave your property as secure or better than it has been found. Unless you're on-site, we train our team to double-check that all doors & windows are closed and locked. All blinds are drawn, and any lights or appliances we have needed to use during our service are off unless instructed otherwise.

So, should you hire a cleaner or a professional cleaning service?

Ultimately, that's up to the needs of your family and property.

We hope an overview of what makes our professional cleaning teams different from hiring an individual cleaner can help make the decision simpler.

And we hope we can make life in cottage country easier for you.

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