With our cleaning services, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the cleaning will be taken care of during a getaway - in your own home or cottage.


From general upkeep for messes made during day-to-day living to seasonal and special occasion deep cleaning, we can handle it. If the type of service you're looking for isn't listed, please let us know; we'll do our best to tailor our services to the needs of your family and your property.



Deep Cleaning

KCC deep cleaning services typically include a mix of the following elements;

  • our general cleaning service 

  • door and window frames

  • vacuuming under, behind and in furniture

  • laundry and linens

  • cleaning out the fridge and stove

  • collect obvious garbage

  • light fixtures, doorknobs, switches and baseboards

furniture that can be safely moved by one person will be addressed

Pest Clean-up

​​KCC pest clean-up services are a focused disinfecting routine typically targeting; ​

  • clearly affected areas 

  • kitchen counters and cupboards 

  • pantry and tables

  • bathroom surfaces 

  • couches and chairs

we highly recommend stripping all bedding and putting all washable fabrics through a sanitary cycle either during or after our visit

Cleaning by request

KCC cleaning by request services vary and to date, we have provided services that include;


  • closet, cabinet or pantry organizing

  • pre-estate sale cleaning and sorting

  • home sale clean-out

  • furniture disposal

  • dump runs

  • scrap metal removal


let us know how we can help we're striving to offer comprehensive services for your property


General Cleaning

KCC general cleaning services typically include a mix of the following elements;

  • sweep, vacuum and steam mop floors

  • dust general surfaces 

  • straighten & tidy side tables and counters

  • wipe down the kitchen and bathrooms

  • collect obvious garbage


limited furniture is moved

Spring Cleaning

KCC seasonal cleaning services typically include a mix of the following elements;


  • our general cleaning 

  • a thorough dusting of cob webs 

  • fridge clean out

  • kitchen cupboard wipe out and check for evidence of winter pests


furniture that can be safely moved by one person may be addressed

Rental Cleaning

KCC rental cleaning services typically include a mix of the following elements;


  • sweep, vacuum and steam mop floors

  • dust general surfaces 

  • straighten & tidy side tables and counters

  • wipe down the kitchen and bathrooms

  • wipe out the fridge and microwave

  • collect obvious garbage

  • linens and beds as requested

limited furniture is moved



     We strive to provide all our cleaning services with efficient techniques and keen attention to detail. Our cleaning supplies are predominantly green or natural cleaners to protect the cottage environment, but occasionally other supplies are required to get the job done properly. 


While our services are geared towards cottage owners, we do our best to help those that wish to make their cottage work for a return on investment by renting their property.


In the busy summer months, we have an extremely limited inventory of time slots for hotel style turn-overs and request a 12-18 hour window between guests to ensure the property is properly serviced before the next arrival.


In the offseason, between Thanksgiving and Easter, we have more flexibility in our schedule and will do our best to accommodate requests on shorter windows between guests.


As we grow our team, we aim to provide a larger inventory of rapid turn-over time slots to facilitate rental owners.





     As property owners, we understand maintenance gets expensive and you must seek pricing that is fair and reasonable for the value of the services you're receiving. Our team strives to work efficiently, invoice appropriately and help our clients get the best property care services possible.

No two cottages properties, or cottage owners are the same. Therefore, we reserve formal quotes for after a no-obligation site visit to discuss your property needs and design an effective approach for care. 


Our quotes are simple, honest and formulated to enable us to grow our team, create a comprehensive service list and provide all our clients with the highest quality of care.


An appointment starts with a $50 call out fee to cover the nature of serving the highlands. The long hours on rough cottage roads take a huge toll on vehicles and limit the route density that can be established in a more suburban market. We then add a per hour labor charge for time spent on-site, and finally, your invoice will have HST added.


Our cleaning services start at $35 per labor hour. For clients seeking a high volume of visits and hours on site, we may discuss an alternative rate after the volume has been established.  


With our history as business owners we believe regardless of paying for a product or a service you can expect to get what you pay for - if you opt to pay minimum wage, you will likely receive minimum effort.




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