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     Your cottage contains some of your most valuable objects. Whether the value of the object is financial or sentimental a routine inspection can keep them protected. Regular picture documentation can also be effective when filing any insurance claims in the event of a worst-case scenario situation.


From basic visits and pest removal to installing systems that aid in security we can help with a reactive or proactive approach to protecting your property. If the type of service you're looking for isn't listed, please let us know; we'll do our best to tailor our services to the needs of your family and your property.



Pest Removal

KCC pest removal services can help by;


  • arranging for and squirrels, raccoons, and skunks that may have made a home in your cottage, shed, or garage to be trapped and removed 

  • eliminating and removing wasp nests

  • setting and monitoring traps for ants, flies, and mice


KCC security set-up can help by; 

  • setting up routine cottage checks  

Cottage Checks

KCC cottage check services can help by;



  • making a routine visit to check all doors and windows

  • taking photographs of your valuables in the event of a worst case scenario 

  • making recommendations on areas of common concern for pest prevention or security


Seasonal Preperation

KCC seasonal preparation can help by;


  • setting up long-term mouse traps that don't need to be reset after one mouse

  • pre-baiting and monitoring problem areas with ant poison 



     We strive to provide all our security & pest prevention services with professional execution and finish. We recognize our job-site is your home and should be treated with respect.

It's our belief that quality materials and quality workmanship go hand-in-hand when upkeeping any property and we'll do our best to fit both of these principals into your budget while using our keen eye for detail to ensure each project is delivered to the best of our abilities.

In the busy summer months, we have a limited inventory of time slots available for larger projects, but in the offseason, we have more flexibility in our schedule and will do our best to accommodate requests.

We do not carry licensing as security agents or exterminators, but we serve from a place of knowledge to assist in the overall care of your property.


We will not perform services we are not trained and licensed to complete, but we will proudly source from our growing network of skilled trades professionals to ensure your property receives the best care. 

As we grow our team, we aim to provide a comprehensive range of on-demand services year round.



     As property owners, we understand maintenance gets expensive and you must seek pricing that is fair and reasonable for the value of the services you're receiving. Our team strives to work efficiently, invoice appropriately and help our clients get the best property care services possible.

No two cottage properties or cottage owners are the same. Therefore, we reserve estimates for after a no-obligation site visit to discuss your property needs and design an effective approach for care. 


Our estimates are simple, honest and formulated to enable us to grow our team, create a comprehensive service list and provide all our clients with the highest quality of care.


An appointment starts with a $50 call out fee to cover the nature of serving the highlands. The long hours on rough cottage roads take a huge toll on vehicles and limit the route density that can be established in a more suburban market. Then we add a per hour labor charge for time spent on-site and dedicated material runs, materials, and finally, your invoice will have HST added.


Our security & pest prevention services start at $55-65 per labor hour for property checks, consultations, management, and maintenance services. 


With our history as business owners we believe regardless of paying for a product or a service you can expect to get what you pay for - if you opt to pay minimum wage, you will likely receive minimum effort.




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