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Alternative - Thanksgiving

With the chaos of our "harvest" running into and beyond our Canadian Thanksgiving, it was challenging to find time to enjoy with family, let alone reflect and be grateful for all that has transpired this year.

So we'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the south as we join in the seasons' festivities.

Since we're embracing Thanksgiving on an alternative date, we've also decided to go with a change of pace for our main course and try #TurkeyFreeThanksgiving.

The idea behind TurkeyFree Thanksgiving is pretty simple; the turkey wasn't originally part of the meal. So to offset the demand for it during the holiday season, we should get another bird or cut of meat to enjoy. So this year, we've decided to indulge with a maple & brown sugar glazed cottage roll served with a host of fixings, including cheese & onion scalloped potatoes and Brussels sprouts with mushrooms and bacon. However, our delicious departure from the classic bird, dressing & mashed feast is where our deviation from the norm ends. We're more interested in taking the alternative time to reflect and give thanks for a fantastic year than we are in being different for the sake of being different.

As with all years, we've had our share of tests, trials and triumphs, but how can we be anything but grateful after our first year of being wholly reliant and supported by the harvest of work at Kacaba Cottage Care?

This new season of focus has given us the time and passion for redoubling our efforts toward meeting the needs of the families we support, made possible by the growing demand from those same families. Because of that, we've been fortunate to see measured growth to meet our team's and family's needs despite the tightening market forces.

One of the trials we faced this season is a growing issue hitting close to home for many these days. One of our team members was in dire need of new housing.

Thanks to a collaboration with a new member of the community, the support of our other team members, and the good-hearted generosity of a client, we achieved the seemingly impossible feat of finding a suitable home.

So in this season of reflection, we want to acknowledge the many blessings we're thankful to have experienced this year:

From the new friends, we've made in the home service industry who have encouraged us in our mission to make life easier for those we serve.

And our crew and work-family challenging us to grow and providing us with support and teamwork to meet the growing requests.

And the fantastic clientele we service all year round. It's only through the needs we meet and the values of love, family and passion for life we share with them that any of this is possible. Thank you for a great season, here's to another great one next year.

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