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When we began setting the foundation for Kacaba Cottage Care we knew that a blog and a social presence would be an important part of our core communications. Before it could begin we had to grapple with what themes and content focus would enable us to create meaningful and engaging content while remaining authentic.

Initially, we thought we might focus on property care advice. How could we not? It's an easy avenue to take with a large range of content options. As a property care company, we do intend to provide some useful and relevant pieces on better caring for your property, but while such tips and tricks would be in-line with the theme of our services there's still something missing.

Upon further consideration, we realized that our motivation for starting Kacaba Cottage Care is our greatest source of meaningful content.

To us, making the cottage fun again is more than a simple catchy slogan.

In our minds, a cottage is a place of relaxation and renewal. It provides the opportunity to carve out time for personal reflection, while also being a space where friends and family can gather to meaningfully connect. As it was put by Jenna Wootton of Cottage Life Magazine.

No matter how much we try to relax in the middle of the city—whether it’s enjoying a long brunch, wandering around a new art exhibit, or even heading to the spa—nothing helps us unwind like a trip to the lake. That combination of being in nature, at the water’s edge, engaging in physical activity, disconnecting from technology, and doing so around the ones you love is the ideal recipe for stress relief—and there’s a ton of research to prove it.

In that same spirit, as we establish our business and grow our family we're striving to develop healthy lifestyle habits. To refresh and renew the mind, body, and soul, so we can be better prepared to face whatever challenges life throws our way. And this is where we want to pull the inspiration for our content.

The heart of our posts will be based on our journey towards a healthier lifestyle and the advice from our personal experiences in implementing change for the better. Topics will include:

  • self-care/relationship-care & improvement

  • keeping focused on what motivates & inspires

  • learning, exploring, and playing around with food & drink

  • being mindful and engaged with our county and community

We hope you'll come along for the journey with us in the coming days, weeks and months. While this is a process we need to undertake for ourselves, we hope it can be something you can engage with, learn from, and possibly contribute too as life moves ahead.

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