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Introducing the Client Hub

As service providers, one of our ongoing concerns is ensuring we're being as effective and efficient as possible in all areas of our operations.

From responding to inquiries to service delivery and hiring new team members, every aspect of our business requires the right tools for us to grow into more effective professionals; that's why we're so excited to introduce the Client Hub, powered by Jobber a Canadian based service platform dedicated to supporting services like ours globally.

The Client Hub is a new, additional means of access to us that links directly into the software we use for planning around every new request, sending and approving estimates and scheduling every job from start to invoice. It allows you to submit work requests directly into our request received file.

Access is straightforward. Your account is secured behind the email address(s) and mobile number(s) we have on file for your notifications.

Suppose you've asked us to add a partner or family member's email address or phone number to receive updates about your property care. In that case, they will also have shared access to the Client Hub associated with your property(ies). Please note: if you share emails containing access to your Client Hub link, this will also share access to the information contained in the Hub, and if you login in to a public space or on a shared computer, you should log out after using the Client Hub if you're concerned about others seeing the data contained within it.

If you ever can't find an email with a link to:

  • Log In To The Client Hub

  • View Estimate

  • View Invoice

Click on Client Hub at to have your personal access link emailed to you.

Not a client yet? The Client Hub also leads to a form to request to become one.

Once inside the Client Hub, you can:

  • Submit new work requests

  • View Estimates and Request Changes to open Estimates

  • View Appointment Dates

  • View and Pay Invoices

With the additional support features Jobber and the Client Hub enable us to incorporate as part of our services, we can now accept credit cards as a means of payment - with a small convenience surcharge to offset a portion of the cost of credit card processing.

The surcharge line will still note the payable amount by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

To keep your credit card information, secure Jobber Wallet secures and processes your card on file, similar to purchasing through Amazon or other online stores. It is secured by the same system trusted by over 200,000 service providers and their clients globally responsible for processing $40B in services.

Once entered, only the last 4 digits and the expiry of your card are viewable by us and those you choose to give access to or forward emails containing your Hub link.

You can delete and replace your primary payment option or have multiple on file to quickly switch defaults for your payment submission or for our processing of automated or late payments. Jobber and the Client Hub are also relatively new to us, so there is bound to be an adjustment period as we work this Canadian-supported tool into our system.

In the event you have any questions or concerns navigating your Client Hub, we're happy to arrange added support through phone, email or a visit while you're at your property.

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