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Laugh & Get Rich Day: Life Audit Budget Update

Today is a suitable day to share the results of one of the critical elements of our life audit - our budget. We spent an extra portion of our weekly family meeting putting the finishing touches on it this past weekend, and in the words of Abraham Lincoln,

"I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all."

The situations in our lives aren't nearly as dire as Lincoln's. Our war for freedom isn't against an overwhelming force of evil and servitude. It's about freeing ourselves from an unholy alliance of our past sins and the greed-inflicted lifestyle inflation we're up against as we work towards living a simple life of service.

We could live in a miserable state if we focused on the lifestyle limitations we're under due to our current budget. Instead, we've chosen to forecast our 5-15 year milestones and outline the SMART goals we need to turn into habits if we're ever going to achieve them.

It's not avocado toast and designer coffee that has brought us to this point. We've reached our state in life because of the lack of intentionality we took when prioritizing our energy and resources as we worked toward the goals we aim to achieve.

In our case, we bet on working hard to help others so one day, a life of laughter and brevity might be a by-product of the outcome. Now we've come to realize rest and moments of brevity are essential elements of balance so we can continue to help others, not the by-product of helping others.

And that's the reality behind Laugh & Get Rich Day; it's not a day for cynicism and degrading sarcasm to reign supreme and derail our goals. It's an opportunity to embrace the science behind brevity and laughter, harnessing the strength of its impact on our minds to improve our mental well-being.

Even in the darkest of circumstances, humour can be a light to our souls.

As we approach the mark of 3 joyous years of having Selah in our lives, we can look back and recognize how moments of laughter and brevity kept both of us sane during what could reasonably be considered one of the most traumatic experiences possible for new parents.

We hope you find more moments to enjoy meaningful laughter, even in difficult circumstances, to find balance and enrich your world through the joy of humour.

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