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Happy Labour Day

Labour is an inevitable part of life.

From the creation of infrastructure and production of products to the delivery of services and the support systems designed to sustain it all, there's work we all must accomplish to provide an exchange of value to maintain our lives and build into our communities.

Today's the day we celebrate that and the groups who have come together to highlight workers' rights and push back against those who would put greed above the welfare of those building into the systems they're a part of. Now, we benefit from access to further collective action or independent negotiation thanks to the creation of worker's rights.

As a small family business, we're incredibly grateful for the growing crew of workers we call our team.

And we hope they're all enjoying a fantastic day off to spend time with friends and family, pursue their passions, or rest and relax.

This season, they've proved to be the most effective team we've had to date.

While we as leaders have some further coaching to implement as we grow towards the next stage of our development to support and equip our team, we couldn't have made it through this summer without them.

At times, the tasks we perform can feel difficult, daunting and even a bit depressing as we clean the same items or cut the same lawn again and again and again.

Yet our crew knows our work is about more than the tasks alone.

Our mission is about supporting the community we're in and one another.

It's not about the surfaces we clean or the properties we maintain.

It's about the family time we're restoring for property owners and the positive work environment we create as a team.

We're excited about the time we have left with our team this season and what we're building towards with their help for next year.

Happy Labour Day!

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