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Those who've had a chance to sample her finished products know Tara has a knack as a pastry chef. Her versatility in the kitchen makes her a hot commodity in her kitchen and working under other chefs, yet if you ask her her secret, it all comes down to understanding and building on the basics.

A quintessential base is Tara's go-to bread recipe. With a few added ingredients, anyone can transform it into classic dinner rolls, delectable deep-fried beignets, and a plethora of options in between.

Tara's go-to bread base

2.5- cups warm water

2- tbsp sugar

2- tsp yeast.

4- cups flour

2- tsp salt.

1- tbsp oil

In a large mixing bowl, put water, sugar and yeast. Let yeast bloom until it looks foamy.

Then add flour and salt.

Add flour one cup at a time as you mix the dough. Once you have a shaggy dough, pour it onto your counter and knead for 2-5 minutes.

Once your dough is well worked and glutinous, put some oil in the bottom of a bowl and put the dough in and cover.

Let dough rise and double in size.

This takes about 45min to an hour.

Once it has risen, you can form it into loaves, buns, cinnamon buns, pizza!

The options are practically endless.

This is a base dough and is very versatile. It can be tweaked by adding milk instead of water for a softer dough or whole wheat flour for a healthier option.

Form into your desired shape and bake on 400 until the edges are lightly browned.

Small Rolls & Buns aprx 10-15

Loaves aprx 25-30

We made a few treats today with it. We made turkey cheese rolls for breakfast, some basic loaves of white bread, and cinnamon rolls for a sweet treat later!

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