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Iced Tea Month

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Arguably Dustin's favourite drink regardless of brand, bottle, can or glass. We came up with our own house made lemon iced tea during the dog days of summer in the heat of our kitchen at The Perfect Bite Eatery where we added our own creative spin to the sweetening process by substituting a portion of sugar for a touch of maple syrup. It became a quick favourite when we could keep it available, and even those professing their general distaste for iced tea could easily finish multiple glasses with their meal. Today we're still enjoying our own homemade iced tea on hot summer afternoons, and would encourage everyone to give it a try at home as it's a very simple and rewarding process that you can easily customize until you find your perfect blend. Our iced tea base starts with a large pot of water brought to a boil. Add 7-8 orange pekoe tea bags (Tetley is our brand of choice). Sweeten to taste with 1cup to 1.5cup of white sugar or feel free to substitute in honey or maple syrup to taste.

Let cool and refrigerate.

Serve over ice and add lemon juice to taste. Typically we use 1/2 lemon worth juiced into 2 large cups

For more variety try adding a small splash of peach or raspberry soda stream flavouring.

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