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Ordering in... groceries?!?

If you haven't heard by now, many stores and services offer personalized grocery shopping and delivery services.

You can get thoroughly picked and planned meals from some services, which we haven't found a need to indulge in yet, thanks to Tara's cooking background.

Alternatively, you can submit your grocery list to be prepared for pick-up at the store or delivered to your door, depending on the level of services provided in your area.

Pre-pandemic, we learned the luxury of online ordering for curbside pick-up at our local Independent grocery store. The President's Choice mobile app made it simple for us to order on the fly while we were between cottages or before leaving the house for the day while sitting down for a tea.

It simplified life, only having to prepare our grocery list and hitting submit. As we passed through town going about our day, we could be in and out of the grocery store parking lot with our order in 5-10 minutes. Shortening a process that previously took 45-90 minutes depending on our list and the friends we'd bump into in the isles.

It's a simple task, but ultimately as life gets busier, the weather gets colder, and the store lines get longer, there is a growing appeal to ordering online once again.

It might take a little foresight and planning, but it can save hours in a month for a better purpose.

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