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Positive Media Day

Today is Positive Media Day, and while we didn't know about it when starting our blog or picking the themes and topics we write about it goes hand in hand with what we're trying to achieve.

We're too aware of the negativity of the news cycles. We often find ourselves over-consuming a variety of news sources to keep up-to-date with both national and international news as we seek to know enough to be proactive in responding to the impacts and the needs that ripple into our community since we live in such a small world.

To counteract the negativity is why we're here, even if our voice is just a whisper in a crowd.

We're here to do more than just complain about the hate, anger, fear & vanity that often fills our newsfeeds. Our goal is to be a light in the darkness and inspire others to live with passion, positivity and productivity. And we hope you'll join us in spreading something more positive this summer.

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