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Productivity & Rest

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and after He saw that it was good, He rested.

In strength training, adequate rest aids muscle growth, reduces risks of injury and helps to improve overall performance.

Whether we're pondering life and the creation of the universe or individuals seeking to create muscle and reach their peak performance, enjoying periods of rest is not just important. It's imperative to embrace intentional rest to achieve peak productivity.

As leaders in a service industry, rest throughout our days, weeks & years gives us opportunities to analyze our workflows and retrain our team to embrace efficiencies and limit wasted effort during our days. We frequently do our best to retool and upgrade our equipment, cleaning products & practices as we seek for our crews to be efficient as possible.

And we've found the best boost to our team's productivity is generally found not in upgrades to tools alone but when we're able to encourage an adequate balance of rest between shifts and between services provided on the same day.

So as we start another week, we hope you'll be able to implement impactful and intentional rest towards your peak productivity.

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