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The Power of Hello!

Hello, Have you heard about World Hello Day?

We hadn't, but with all the quirky days celebrated, it makes sense to highlight the power of such a simple statement in most of our daily lives.

Hello... I love you, won't you tell me your name?

Is it me you're looking for?

From the other side.

Hello, can be a magical word used to spark new relationships. It can bridge the gap of time and distance between friends, and It can be the first step in peacemaking and rekindling worn bonds.

Hello, can be so powerful a step in creating peace that a day has been designed to celebrate its importance in brokering peace in the world.

World Hello Day [began] in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the Fall of 1973. Since then, World Hello Day has been observed by people in 180 countries. People around the world use the occasion of World Hello Day as an opportunity to express their concern for world peace. Beginning with a simple greeting on World Hello Day, their activities send a message to leaders, encouraging them to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts.

World Hello Day has caught the eye of many notable leaders and individuals over the last 50 years, thanks to the hard work of its founders and supporters.

Whether you've heard about it before or like us, this is the first you're hearing of it. We'd encourage you to join in this year and in the coming years to find ways to celebrate World Hello Day. We're willing to bet with billions on our globe; it won't be hard for us all to find 10 people to reach out to today, this week or this season to spark peace and friendship through the power of hello.

Impacting global leaders is a noble goal, but so is the work of being a peacemaker in your own sphere of influence.

So if you feel called to write to leaders and policymakers with a message of encouragement towards peace

Or if you find yourself inspired to say hello to a new friend or an old one, we'd encourage you to find a way to be the peacemakers we all need to see in the world today.

Suppose you want some inspiration for your own peacemaking this season. In that case, you could read some of the letters the founders Brian and Michael McCormack have received from global leaders and difference-makers through the years. Until next time, Dustin & Tara Kacaba

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