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She's (finally) home!

On April 14th, Tara and I marked the 8th anniversary of our first date with an incomparable new milestone. We brought home our firstborn, a beautiful baby girl.

Selah Grace Kacaba was born in the early morning hours of March 31st.

While we’re thrilled that she’s here, to say things didn’t go according to plan would be quite an understatement. We went to the hospital for an induction on the 30th expecting to be released and home as a family before the month was out. Instead, we got a test of our resolve, a glimpse into the support network that surrounds us, and an amazing story to tell our daughter when she’s older.

After 18 hours of hard labour for mom and baby, the Labour and Delivery team began preparing for an emergency cesarean at Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC). Upon her arrival, the pediatrics team had to whisk Selah away to the NICU for treatment, and it was immediately apparent that something was wrong.

At some point during the labour process, Selah had swallowed meconium and developed trauma-induced brain swelling. Furthermore, she had a blood infection to contend with. Due to all of these compounding issues, it was clear to the PRHC pediatrics team that Selah was in need of the team at SickKids to ensure she was given the best opportunity for a full recovery.

Thankfully the call was made quickly. Selah’s condition fell within parameters for acceptance to the SickKids NICU and they had room for her. Within hours of her birth, the arrangements were made and she began her first steps toward what we’re still praying will turn out to be a full recovery.

True to their reputation, the team at SickKids did an amazing job of caring for Selah, and in their own ways reassuring us. Selah spent her first 9 days under the constant care of the SickKids team, and they worked alongside her to carefully manage each new concern that arose throughout her treatment.

When the support Selah required was weaned down to only the administration of her last few days of antibiotics she returned to closer to home at the PRHC NICU for that and monitoring until they deemed her fit for discharge.

While Selah’s story has only just begun the tale of her full recovery ends on an encouragingly unresolved note. Our beautifully strong baby girl has finally made her way back home, and we couldn’t be happier. However, we won’t know the full extent of her recovery until she’s grown and any neurological issues present to us or her doctors through her ongoing development.

We’re so grateful for the support we’re receiving from friends and family, and we appreciate the patience of our current and future clients as we navigate the new challenges we’ve been presented with by Selah’s entry into our lives during the uncertainties of COVID-19.

We can’t wait to introduce her to everyone properly over the coming weeks and months as we settle into our new normal.

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