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This week's soup is one of our household's favourites. Normally it's a must-order when we're going out to enjoy Asian cuisine, but that's a little more difficult since we're not able to make it out of Haliburton as often as we used to. The classic version is typically a little simpler, but here's Tara's take on one of our favourite dishes.

Wonton & Vegetable Soup

10- Frozen potstickers (pick your favourite flavour, ours is President's Choice Pork & Veg)

2- tsp peeled & finely diced ginger

5- cloves of diced garlic

1- tsp sambal

1- tbsp canola or vegetable oil

1- medium carrot match-sticked or grated

1- cup sliced mushroom

1- cup shredded cabbage

2- cups rough chopped baby bok choy

2- cups sliced leftover pork loin or pork chop

4- cups low sodium chicken broth

2- cups water

2- tbsp soy sauce

2- tsp sesame oil

2- green onions for an optional garnish

Start by sautéing garlic, ginger & sambal in oil until fragrant. Then add the mushrooms, carrot & cabbage to saute until soft.

Next, add the soy sauce & sesame oil to the sauteing veg.

Add the chicken stock & water to the pot letting it come to a boil before adding the pork & bok choy.

Let the soup return to boil once again before adding the wontons & cook until the wontons are cooked through. approx 10 minutes

We garnished ours with a few green onions to add a little extra fresh bite.

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