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Starting the day off right - together!

This week Tara and I wanted to start with a new habit we've been implementing in our lives.

It's a #selfcaresunday #relationshipcare idea we've already had the pleasure of incorporating in our daily routine for a few weeks now thanks in part to her maternity leave.

We've been eating breakfast together for the health of our relationship.

The best ingredients for a morning meal may be up for debate, but there's little argument that starting the day with a nutritious breakfast is effective in proper self-care. A quick Google search acknowledges breakfast is important for many reasons.

• boosting your metabolism

• improving your concentration

• maintaining daily energy levels

• stabilizing blood sugar levels

Due to this, our morning routine now consists of eggs, toast, and a generous portion of fruit and vegetables. It helps us face the challenge of each new day, and it has remarkably improved our overall health. Although when we're not careful and skip a day there's no doubt of the impact. We don't let that discourage us when we do falter. We work to put that day behind us and try again the next morning. So to further enhance our simple routine, we've also begun to use it as a time to communicate with each other. Instead of watching TV or scrolling Facebook, we now take time to enjoy being together and discussing what's our mind for the day.

In doing this we've quickly found that not only is breakfast a great way to take care of ourselves, but it's a great time to nurture our relationship. It has become a constant time in our busy schedule to ensure we're on the same page, and be accountable for how we start our day.

Perhaps you're in self-isolation due to COVID-19, and this is an opportunity to start a new routine for a healthier lifestyle and relationship, or maybe you're an essential worker needing to be better prepared to face the challenge of each new day.

It doesn't matter if you have a partner to share a new relationship-building routine, or if you simply need to take time to recharge alone in the morning. Remember, today is always the best day to start working on living your best life.

We'd love to learn and grow along with you, so please if you try something we share, or if it's already something you do we'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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