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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Chalk up another mmm mmm good for #soupmonth!

We skipped on Campbell's and our can opener in favour of another homemade creation to repurpose another batch of leftovers.

We had some delicious roast chicken to work with this week, but we didn't want to go with a simple chicken noodle, always a classic but often over enjoyed.

For this week, Tara put together a warm and creamy chicken, mushroom, leek and potato soup that helped us stay on track while getting to enjoy a hearty dish that warmed us to the core.

Creamy Mushroom Leek Chicken & Potato

2- cups sliced mushroom

4- cups sliced washed leeks

2- large cubbed potatoes

2- cups roasted chicken shredded

2- tablespoons flour

2- tablespoons butter

4- cups broth

2- cups water

1/2- cup 35% cream

1/2- tsp thyme

1/2- tsp cumin

1/2- tsp chilli powder

salt & pepper to your taste

Start by sautéing the mushrooms, then adding the leeks the butter along with the herbs and spices.

Once your mushrooms and leeks have softened, add the potato, flour, stock, water & cooked shredded chicken.

Cook until the potatoes reach your desired level of tenderness and finish with 35% cream. Any dairy-based milk or cream can work in a pinch too.

We garnished ours with a little sour cream and green onion and paired it with easy bake Pillsbury Mini-Crescent rolls with a bit of cheese baked in.

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